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Mathilda Brink - Glimmingen (limited edition transparent vinyl)

Mathilda Brink - Glimmingen (limited edition transparent vinyl)

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FADING006: Mathilda Brink - Glimmingen

Release date: May 12, 2023
- Limited edition transparent 12” vinyl
- Edition of 200 units

***Please note this is a pre-order item – pre-orders will start to ship out early April


The Swedish singer-songwriter Mathilda brink returns with her second full-length “Glimmingen”, the follow-up to her acclaimed debut LP Maestro from 2019. Working again with producer Thomas Frank (Hollow Ship, Den Stora Vilan etc), and Klara Goliger, Brink has again taken a leap forward, perfecting her blend of indie rock, Neil Young & Crazy Horse-esque country rock and classic Swedish folk. Renowned for her lyrics, and nominated as lyricist of the year in her native Sweden for Maestro, Mathilda Brink is set to firmly establish herself as one of Sweden’s foremost young artists, mining the past to build for the present.


Fading Trails Recordings

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1. Jag vill måla en sång
2. Tillbringar
3. Victory
4. Den där natten
5. Sista Vändningen
6. Glimmingen
7. They Killed Kenny
8. Från ett flygplan
9. Neutral
10. Spela Högre

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