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I'm Kingfisher - The Past Has Begun (Limited edition transparent blue vinyl - LAST 3 COPIES)

I'm Kingfisher - The Past Has Begun (Limited edition transparent blue vinyl - LAST 3 COPIES)

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FADING004: I'm Kingfisher - The Past Has Begun

- Limited edition 12" vinyl - transparent blue (limited edition of 100 units)


The Swedish singer-songwriter I’m Kingfisher returns with new album The Past Has Begun, the follow-up to the acclaimed 2018 LP Transit which saw him receive some of the strongest reviews of his career while being featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered and KEXP’s Song of the Day, while sharing the stage with the likes of Kevin Morby, Sarah Klang and Damien Jurado.

One of Scandinavia’s hidden treasures, returned to the country and Americana that originally inspired him to start his artistic career, citing records by Courtney Marie Andrews and Dwight Yoakam especially as two of the main inspirations for The Past Has Begun, while penning some of his strongest work yet. Featuring guest appearances from the likes of Slowgold and Damien Jurado guitarist Josh Gordon, The Past Has Begun is an album about ageing, and the bittersweet nature of memory - romantic yet resigned, hopeful but drenched in melancholy.


Fading Trails Recordings

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1. Pocket Soul
2. Captain, I'm Going Blind (feat. Vilma Flood)
3. Mess Minus Room
4. Untimely Passion
5. Children's Atom Bomb (feat. Slowgold)
6. The Plausible Impossible (feat. Vilma Flood)
7. If That's All You Got on Me
8. Dirty (feat. Ella Blixt)
9. Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery
10. The Biggest Blow
11. Is Nature Really That Cruel?
12. And They Say You Can't Love Two at Once
13. Breakthrough at 42

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