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I’m Kingfisher - Glue (limited edition splatter vinyl)

I’m Kingfisher - Glue (limited edition splatter vinyl)

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FADING005: I'm Kingfisher - Glue

Release date: March 3, 2023
- Limited edition transparent 12” vinyl with brown splatter
- Edition of 100 units

***Please note this is a pre-order item – pre-orders will start to ship out late January


The Swedish singer-songwriter Thomas Jonsson returns with new album “Glue”, his fifth full-length as I’m Kingfisher and his best yet, again working with producer Carl Edlom. Marrying the intimate sound of 2020’s The Past Has Begun to a more experimental outlook with the help of Tom Waits collaborator Bebe Risenfors, Vilma Flood, Irish folk sensation Niamh Regan, Martin Hederos and more, Jonsson shows just why he’s been regarded as a hidden treasure of Scandinavian indie folk for years now, while still getting the attention of the likes of NPR, Uncut, KEXP and Clash internationally.


Fading Trails Recordings

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1. Linus (feat. Martin Hederos)
2. Saved by a Friendly Reminder (feat. Bebe Risenfors)
3. No Wonder the Heart Was First to Go (feat. Bebe Risenfors)
4. Peer Pressure (feat. Bebe Risenfors & Vilma Flood)
5. Valentine (feat. Martin Hederos & Henrik Meierkord)
6. Licking My Wounds (feat. Bebe Risenfors & Sam Florian)
7. In Orbit(feat. Martin Hederos)
8. Make Up a Good Time (feat. Martin Hederos)
9. Glue (feat. Nightbird)
10. Second Wave (feat. Niamh Regan)
11. The Crane Fly Season
12. Beginning of a Great Song

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